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The Better Halves have just finished their long-awaited children's CD under their new alter-ego, "Mr. Bus Driver Man Sir and Her." 

The CDs have reached the homes of their Kickstarter supporters, who helped them successfully raise $8500 to finish production of the CD and get an accompanying book started.  Here are some of the things they have been saying:

"Hi. We got the cd yesterday, but I wanted to play it before i said anything. It is wonderful.  I like the mix of musical styles and good storytelling. My favorite cuts are "Little Frizzle, Ellen's Ride, Princess, and Kieran's Lullaby." Princess really captured all of my girls' quests to be a virtuous young woman, made me cry. Ellen's Ride is that parents perpetual wish for their children to notice everything wondrous passing by. The lullaby will be something children cherish later. Well done by your friends. We'll put it to the kid test soon!"

"I just have to tell you how delightful your “Playing in the Dirt” album is. Clever, melodic, fun and produced very well. Please convey my kudos to JJ and know that this ol’ rocker is loving your work! Merry Christmas!"

​"We listened on the way home yesterday...very much reminded us of songs by Pete Seeger with a touch of Woody Guthrie. Y'all have put together a collection of songs that are appealing to children but enjoyable for parents too (and won't drive them crazy when played repeatedly!) The musical complexity and lyrics don't "dumb down" kids. Love it!"

"OMG!!!! I got your CD today and was just listening to it in the car while running errands. Chrissie, it is really really good! I mean really good. 
I spent enough time working with preschoolers that I know they will LOVE it! "
Jimmy Joe is a school bus driver in real life, and a lot of these songs were inspired by kids on the bus.  A lot of times, kids will want to call him 'bus driver', but he insists that is his JOB not his NAME.  Sometimes they persist, so he tells them if they MUST call him 'bus driver,' they have to call him 'Mr. Bus Driver Man Sir."  So they do.  

That is how the name and the music got started.  

You can read more silly and sweet stories about Jimmy Joe's school bus adventures at his blog, www.schoolbusnews.com.

And now you can visit our fun new website, for kids and parents, dedicated to Mr. Bus Driver Man Sir and Her.
Listen to the Songs!
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 The Better Halves